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Right, smack-dab in the middle of our thirties is when we should anticipate feeling contentment, that is, if you haven’t already reached the great age of thirty-five (then you must already know what I’m talking about). Shifting values and preparing for the next chapter in our lives is the way the “Game of Life” is played and most of us are taught at a young age that one thing in life is constant: Change. However, when we become thirty-five years old many of us experience a change we didn’t necessarily expect. Since majority of our lives has been spent focused on our careers, we wouldn’t think that at thirty-five most of us would switch to making life less about being career driven and more towards being family oriented).

This infographic shows the many reasons why our shifts in values and in life changes by age 35; and why at this age we are supposed to be having the time of our lives. Thanks to Confused for bringing this to us. Click to enlarge.

Why 35 Is the Year of Contentment

(Via: Confused. H/T: Automotive SEO)

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